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Sync Email Tracking back to Salesforce CRM

Many of you have faced issue that though you have connected your Marketing cloud account to your Sales or Service cloud and have faced the issue of tracking data does NOT displayed under “Individual Email Sends” of Contact/Lead records. If your are one of them please read below for the resolution,

1) The First and most important concept to be aware of is that

♦ Marketing cloud needs the SubscriberKey which must be a 18 Digit caseInsensitive ID to sync with Sales cloud.

♦ But Salesforce uses 15-digit record ID for Contacts/Leads which is caseSensitive!

   To know how to convert 15-digit Contact-ID to 18-digit click here.

18-digit contact-ID

♦ Hence, the first thing you must make sure is that you are using the 18-digit Contact ID/Lead ID as your subscriber key in your marketing cloud account for all your email sends.


♦ You can use a regular Data Extension or Salesforce Data extension.

♦ However, you must make sure that “Send Tracking To Sale Cloud” checkbox checked.

Journey send Email configuration

3) For Send flow/Regular send from within Content builder,

♦ You can use Salesforce report or Salesforce campaigns as target, then tracking will sent back to Sales cloud.

♦ However, if you are using a regular Data extension, then tracking WILL NOT BE SENT back to Sales cloud.

4) For User-initiated sends,

♦ You can only use regular Data Extension while using User-initiated sends.

UI send configuration

♦ Hence tracking data of emails sent via User Initiated sends are NOT synced to Sales cloud.

5) For Salesforce Sends,

♦ Salesforce sends use Salesforce Data extension, Salesforce reports and Salesforce campaigns.

Salesforce Send configuration

♦ Hence tracking data of email sent via Salesforce Sends are synced to Sales cloud.